Betboro Deposit Guide | How to Deposit at Betboro in 2024?

This guide breaks down the Betboro deposit process for players in Ghana, providing essential tips for 2024. Uncover the steps to successfully execute a Betboro deposit in Ghana with this concise guide.

Betboro Deposit Guide for Ghana

In this section, we explore the different deposit methods available for Ghanaian players. We aim to provide a clear step-by-step guide for each option, covering MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, Airtel Tigo Money, Betboro Paybill/USSD, and Bitcoin.

Players could also qualify for a welcome bonus or other deposit bonuses depending on ongoing offers.

How to Pay Using Betboro Paybill/USSD Number?

Funding your Betboro account has been made even simpler with the use of the MTN Mobile Money USSD code. Customers can follow these steps to top-up their account:

  1. Dial the USSD code *713*6003# using your mobile number.
  2. Input the deposit amount into the required field and continue.
  3. Type in your PIN to authenticate and complete the transaction.

This is arguably the easiest and most straightforward way to fund your online betting account. Players are welcome to use funds to claim bonuses, play in the casino and more.

How To Pay Using Betboro Paybill

How to Deposit at Betboro Using MTN Mobile Money?

Depositing funds to your Betboro account through MTN Mobile Money is both easy and efficient. Follow these steps to add funds:

  1. Sign in to your Betboro account.
  2. Go to the account menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Deposit’ option.
  4. Choose MTN Mobile Money as your preferred payment method.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Click “Deposit” to complete the transaction.
  7. Wait a moment for the funds to show up in your Betboro account.

How to Deposit at Betboro Using Vodafone Cash?

Vodafone Cash is another convenient method to deposit funds into your Betboro account. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your online betting account.
    Betboro Login Form
  2. Visit the account menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Deposit’ option.
  4. Choose Vodafone Cash from among the available payment options.
  5. Input the amount you want to deposit.
  6. Finalise the transaction by clicking “Deposit”.
  7. The deposit should reflect in your bet account almost immediately.

How to Deposit at Betboro Using Airtel Tigo Money?

Airtel Tigo Money is another widely accepted method for depositing at Betboro. To deposit funds using this method, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Betboro account.
  2. Locate and click on the account menu.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Deposit’ option.
  4. Opt for Airtel Tigo Money as your deposit method.
  5. Enter the amount you plan to deposit.
  6. Complete the transaction by clicking “Deposit”.
  7. Await fund deposit in your account almost instantly.

Betboro charges no fees, however, a service charge may apply for mobile money methods. Additionally, the processing time for transactions is quick and the maximum daily deposit is pegged at 10,000 GHS.

Betboro Deposit Guide Ghana

How to Deposit at Betboro using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) provides a secure and anonymous method of depositing funds to your Betboro account. Here’s how to make a deposit using Bitcoin:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Navigate to the account menu and select ‘Deposit’.
  3. Choose ‘Bitcoin’ as your deposit method and enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. Copy the unique Bitcoin address for this transaction.
  5. Open your Bitcoin wallet and paste the copied address to send funds to it.
  6. Confirm the transaction from your Bitcoin wallet.
  7. Wait for the network to confirm the transaction.

The Ghanaian online sports betting operator charges no service fee, however, the wallet may charge a transaction fee.

Note that these deposit options are the same for any Betboro withdrawal. Moreover, users can claim the Betboro sign up offer or bonus if/when available after using these payment methods.

Also, deposited funds can be used in the sports betting market or at the casino section. Below is a table summarising the payment information.

Deposit MethodProcessing TimeDeposit Limit
Betboro Paybill/USSDInstantly1 GHS – 10,000 GHS
MTN Mobile MoneyFew minutes1 GHS – 10,000 GHS
Vodafone CashFew minutes1 GHS – 10,000 GHS
Airtel Tigo MoneyFew minutes1 GHS – 10,000 GHS
Bitcoin (BTC)Varies depending on the networkN/A

Betboro Deposit Problems

Despite the smooth deposit process at Betboro, you might encounter some issues or have queries about the process. In this section, we discuss common problems that customers might experience during the Betboro deposit process and provide possible solutions and advice.

Problem 1: Delayed Deposits

Sometimes, the deposit you made may not reflect immediately in your Betboro account. This is especially common with Bitcoin deposits, which require network confirmations.

Solution: If you’re using Bitcoin, it’s crucial to wait for the network confirmations, which could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on the network traffic. If you’re using Mobile Money or Betboro Paybill, and your deposit hasn’t been reflected within a few minutes, contact Betboro’s customer service with transaction details.

Problem 2: Incorrect Mobile Number or Betboro Paybill Number

If you enter an incorrect mobile number or paybill number while making a deposit, the transaction could fail, or worse, the money could be sent to the wrong account.

Solution: Always double-check the mobile number or paybill number before confirming the transaction. Ensure that the mobile number used for transactions is the same as the one registered with your Betboro account.

Problem 3: Insufficient Funds

Deposits could fail if there are insufficient funds in your mobile money account or bank account.

Solution: Before making a deposit, check your balance to ensure that you have sufficient funds for both the deposit and any applicable transaction fees.

Problem 4: Transaction Limits

Each deposit method comes with its own transaction limits. If you attempt to deposit more than the maximum limit or less than the minimum limit, your transaction may fail.

Solution: Familiarise yourself with the deposit limits for each method.

For Mobile Money and Paybill, the deposit range is 1 GHS to 10,000 GHS. For Bitcoin, limits may vary depending on your Bitcoin wallet.

Problem 5: Account Verification Issues

Sometimes, deposits may fail due to issues with account verification, especially when using a new deposit method or a new device.

Solution: Ensure your account details are up-to-date and accurate. If you’re using a new deposit method or device, you might need to undergo an additional verification process.

Follow the instructions provided by Betboro or contact their customer service for assistance.

Problem 6: Network or Technical Issues

On rare occasions, technical glitches or network problems can interfere with deposit transactions.

Solution: If a network or technical issue occurs, first try restarting your device or using a different browser.

If the problem persists, you may need to wait for a short while before trying again. Contact Betboro’s customer service if the issue continues for an extended period.

Problem 7: Suspended or Restricted Account

If your Betboro account is suspended or restricted for any reason, you may be unable to make deposits.
Solution: In such cases, you should have received a communication from Betboro explaining the situation. If not, or if you believe there has been a mistake, reach out to their customer service for clarification and guidance.